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The Morning Call: Beau Biden hits Romney on veterans spending

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden on Wednesday lit into cuts he claimed Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan would be forced to make to veterans services in order to hit the deficit reduction targets in Ryan’s 10-year budget plan.

Biden, an Iraq War veteran and the son of Vice President Joe Biden, appeared in Allentown with Mayor Ed Pawlowski and a handful of veterans in between stops in Philadelphia and Scranton aimed at dinging the Republican ticket on spending cuts contained in Ryan’s Path to Prosperity budget plan.

“Paul Ryan’s budget, if you believe what it says, would cut the [Veterans Administration] by $11 billion,” Biden said. “How is that conscionable to do? At the same time, he is doubling down on the Bush tax cuts.”

The campaign is basing the figure on the 19 percent across-the-board cut to “non-defense discretionary spending” it says would be needed over 10 years to reach the Ryan budget’s target of $1 trillion in spending reductions — some $900 million of which have not been detailed — in order to reduce the deficit.

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